Scholarships for Montessori Education

The Ushirika Association sponsors education of men and women to become Montessori teachers. Young men and women are able to get a teacher training at Montessori Training Center (MTC) at Ushirika wa Neema, Moshi, Tanzania. By joining the Ushirika Association you will not only get the possibility to learn more about the scholarship holders but also about Tanzania and its possibilities for every Tanzanian.

If you would like to contact us, send an e-mail to kerstin(at)ushirika.se.




Montessori Training Center (MTC) was founded in 1990 by the ELCT Northern Diocese, Ushirika wa Neema deaconess center. It started with 14 students. At the moment it enrols sixtyfive students, male and female, every year.

The course provided up till now is certificate in Early Childhood Training in Montessori Methodology.

The college has well equipped staff.

The college is also looking for possibilities to start a course for teachers in Primary Schools.
Please mail Sr Christina Nakey
if you are a teacher and interested in such a course.



To make students acquire


  • ability to provide Montessori Education  which correspond with the children's critical period's of learning
  • knowledge in education methods
  • practical training with children and materia

Ushirika Association 

A bit of background

In the Ushirika Association, we are driven by a single goal: to do our part in making the world a better place for all. The association started with a small group of people with an interest for education. The need for education is great in Tanzania but economic resources and other possibilities are scarce. The group has therefore sponsored the education of Montessori kindergarten teachers during several years. All collected money goes to the scholarships.

Become a member

100 sek/year/person or
10 euro/year/person or

15 usd/year/person

Pay to bg 375-9024 in Sweden or 
Swish to 1232082048
From other countries:

The education at MTC in Moshi is a two year course. The cost for one year is around 9000 SEK/ 900 EUR/ 900 USD.

We have more applicants than we can sponsor.
We do appreciate you as a member!

One of our students 2020 doing his first year, Peter Alfayo on his way from the workshop.

Scholarship students 2020

Year 2
Peter Alfayo
Upendo Humphrey

Year 1
Jackson Laison
Nairokuki Muyu
Faustin Lolo
Marysiana Mmari
Laurine Lekey
Trasiana Josephat Mboya

View of the mountain from Ushirika wa Neema


Eliaichi A. Kimambo

Rachel Mchau
Heaven Kamnde 

2006 - 2014

Elilure S. Mweka
Lightness Richard
Sylvester Kisanga
Lucy Usima
Eveline Moshi
Neema Kingai
Violet Maro
Jackson Saiboku Mollel
Edina Kilawe
Glory Ngaina
Faith Mmuru
Linda Shoo
Salome Singa
Ruth Fisha
Leoma Tango

Happiness Kamasho
Giftiel Tomonja
Rose Steward Urio
Ester Mariki
Witness Mremi
Neema Panga
Dominister Kitange
Edna Kipaeni

Naomi Lazaro
Bernhard Temba
Michael Alfred
Ester-Rose Munisi
Hilda Mariki
Ester Mmanga
Josephine Joseph

Naishie Paulo
Anna Laurent
Vitalis Sindef
Glory John
Frida Bernhard

Lightness Joseph
Joyce Panga

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