1971-1973 Hans and Kerstin Forsberg were in Moshi, Tanzania, as teachers at international School Moshi. Hans was deputy head and Kerstin taught different subjects at the school as well as took part in going to villages with the the "Under Five Clinic". Before they went to Africa they learned about Tanzania's liberation and it´s struggle to become a free country. They learned about Julius Nyerere and his peaceful leadership. Much of the colonial attitude was still at hand the first time the Forsberg's went to Tanzania. Next time at the International School Moshi was 1979-81 together with their three children, Annika, Mattias and Sofia. At that time Tanzania as a country had a very difficult time economically. One period nobody was allowed to drive on Sunday afternoons between 14 and 24. This saved petrol which had to be imported. Both sessions in Tanzania made Hans and Kerstin enjoy Tanzania's friendly people and the simple life that was lived there.

1992 Hans and Kerstin revisited Tanzania for a vacation together with their two daughters and Annika's husband. While in Tanzania they got a message that The LUtheran Church has started a Montessori kindergarten in Moshi. As Kerstin was an educated Montessori teacher this was a fantastic opportunity to see how it worked in Tanzania. What they saw became the start that later would form the society Ushirika.

They found a perfectly run kindergarten with inventive and happy children. The educating materials were made by the teacher herself during the education. The children showed that they knew their geography, when their teacher talked about where the visitors came from. The main reason for supporting this education was the fact the teachers at the training center had found a good method for themselves. They formed their education according to their economical and other resources.

The Northeren Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Tamzania had decided that every parish should have a Montessori kindergarten because it was good for the children.

2002 Kerstin and Hans invited four friends to come with them to Tanzania. The friends, Birgit and Lars Eriksson, Margareta and Bo Rosborg, were overwhelmed by Tanzania and its people. During the stay they visited several schools that were supported by Gripenskolan in Nyköping, they visited parishes, Numeuti Massai village and of course Montessori Training Center. After this trip the three couples decided to support the education for three students at the Training Center.

2006 Kerstin and Hans Forsberg, Birgit and Lars Eriksson, Margareta and Bo Rosborg started the Ushirika Association in order to be able to help more students to this education. From 2006 to 2014, 24 students have had their education fees paid by the Ushirika Association. 2010 the Ushirika Association decided to formalize the application of the tuition fees into a scholarship. The reason was to give students from all parts of the country the opportunity to study at MTC even if they cannot afford the education fees themselves.

All students then have the possibility to apply for the scholarship and present themselves in words, their background, what they think about teaching and why they want to get the scholarship. The students who are chosen by the Ushirika Association also must pass the admission tests.

2011 Sophia Urio, principle of MTC, and Aaron Urio, director of Ushirika wa Neema, visited Nyköping, Sweden, due to t.ravel grants from Lunds Missionssällskap and Nyköping Parish. The people who met them learned about the extraordinary work that Sophia and Aaron are doing in Tanzania and heard their wish for a montessori primary school. Two people immediately donated a certain sum for starting to build the school. Since then more people have donated money, among them Nyköping Parish, in order to see the school take form. The school started in January 2015 with 32 pupils. Unfortunately there were new policies in 2016. The school could not be built with one clasroom at a time but has to be fully built up before the children can return. every day they ask when they can come back to their school.